A visual tribute to women and sport

Overpower. Overtake. Overcome.

With the quote from Serena Williams, this photo exhibition focuses on women and
Putting the spotlight on girls in sports from all walks of life.

Winter Beauty Event


Serena Williams put it into words perfectly
and thus became the namesake for the photo exhibition
"Overpower. Overtake. Overcome: A Photo Exhibition of
Women & Girls in Sport".
The exhibition is intended for female athletes to celebrate in all their diversity and help them overcome stereotypes, to overcome obstacles, and to overcome limits on their
journey through life
This is about real women and female role models - be
it in rural environments, in the schoolyard, in refugee camps or in the world's major sports stadiums. Women who challenge the status quo for which everyone on the court is equal.Women who bring about real transformation with courage and resilience, despite a variety of challenges and with few resources.

Winter Beauty Event


On the occasion of the Summer Games in Paris and beyond, UNESCO, the Global Observatory for Gender Equality & Sport, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), UN Women, UN Aids , MTV Staying Alive Foundation, Sport for Social Change Network South Africa and Bobbi Brown organized an impressive global photography exhibition entitled "Overpower. Overtake. Overcome: A Visual Tribute to Women & Sports"

The winning photos that depict the struggles and triumphs of women and girls, harnessing the power and potential of physical educationPhysical Activity and Sport (PEPAS) to advance their health, rights and empowerment, will travel around the world and perform in prestigious locations such as art galleries, selected museums, UN offices such as Johannesburg and Dhaka and many more locations during the summer months Paris 2024 presented. In addition, the winning image will be prominently displayed as part of an exhibition dedicated to empowerment through sport organized by UNESCO at its headquarters in Paris. Additionally, a virtual exhibition with global reach will be hosted.

While some photographs will be selected for exhibition during Paris 2024 to create a legacy and testament to sustained activism and engagement, a broader and expanded range of photographs will be featured in the exhibition "Overpower. Overtake . Overcome: A Visual Tribute to Women & Sport" is exhibited and offered for sale. The proceeds from sales are donated to grassroots organizations that courageously work to empower women as part of PEPAS.


Who can participate?

The competition is open to everyone: professional or amateur, no matter what age, gender or origin.
Participants under 18 years of age require permission from a parent or guardian.
By participating, minor participants confirm that they have obtained this permission.


Her interpretation of "Overpower. Overtake. Overcome: Women & Girls in Sport".

How do I take part?

Submit your favorite images via the Global Observatory website.
All necessary information and technical details can be found at the link below.
Please submit your best images by May 29, 2024.

Have fun, good luck and share with your friends.